Bunded Oil Tanks

Bunded Oil Tanks For Safe Storage

Storing oil and gas often takes an extra measure of precaution. For domestic installation or commercial installation, a bunded oil tank is a safe bet. Shop from a selection of new and used bunded oil tanks on eBay.

What safety features do these tanks typically come with?

There are several safety features that are standard on a bunded oil tank. Some of them are:

  • A tank gauge - A gauge tells you how much fuel is left in the tank, so you dont have to guess.
  • A fuel fill point that is lockable - This helps prevent theft from the tank.
  • An overfill prevention device - This keeps you from putting too much gas or oil in the tank.
  • A system that alerts you to sudden loss of fuel - This makes you aware of leaking or theft that you might not have otherwise known about.
  • A fuel inspection hatch - This helps you clean and inspect the tank safely.
How much extra fuel does a bunded tank hold?

The minimum amount is an extra 10% of the total fuel tank capacity. Often, the bunding holds more than 10% in leakage. The actual tank does not hold more than its specified amount for a fill-up, however. So, a 1000-litre bunded tank would hold just 1000 litres. But the bunding would hold in a specified amount of leakage on top of the 1000 litres. This doesnt mean you can overfill the tank past the 1000 litres, however.

Why choose a bunded oil tank?

A bunded oil tank is a safe option for storing oil and gas in a domestic residence. Often, a bunded tank is required by law for installation in a home. Bunded tanks are also required by law in areas where there are aquatic wildlife nearby, or near a notable body of water. This is mostly to prevent leakage into streams, lakes, or the ocean. The extra barrier makes bunded oil tanks the environmentally friendly option compared to a traditional tank.

Many people also choose bunded oil tanks in case of impact. This would be a good choice if your oil tank is stored near a garage where a car could nick it. Its also a good idea in high earthquake or hurricane areas where impact could occur from projectiles.

Alternatively, ranches where animals and other vehicles are out often might consider a bunded oil tank. Bunded oil tanks are important for commercial use as well, since an oil leak in the city or on corporate property is difficult to repair.