Bunk Beds with Mattresses

Bunk Beds with Mattresses

Bunk Beds with mattresses can be a fun and convenient addition to a small bedroom or guest room. They are available in a wide variety of styles and colours.

Bunk beds will generally come in one of two materials: wood or metal. The look of the bunk bed and mattress will decide whether it fits in with a rooms colour scheme and overall décor.

Types of mattresses for bunk beds

Mattresses usually come in four different types, which consists of sprung, quilted, orthopaedic or memory foam mattresses . It is important to choose the right firmness for the person or people who will be sleeping in the bunk bed.

Storage space for bunk beds with mattresses

Some bunk beds with mattresses come with storage drawers adding a convenient extra feature to the bed. This style is ideal for storing childrens clothing, toys or maybe some extra bedding. Having the storage so close will encourage the child to keep the room tidy. And with a bunk bed its important to keep the floor area as clear as possible so that things arent stepped on when climbing down from the top bunk.

Ladders for bunks beds

All bunk beds with mattresses will have a ladder leading to the top bunk. The ladders will either be alongside the bed frame or at one end. Ladders can be fitted as part of the bed frame, or they can lean into the bunk bed. Ladders that lean into the bunk bed frame can be pushed up against the bed when not inuse, providing more space in the room.

Some bunk beds even have ladders at both ends, providing easier access to the top level.

Adaptable bunk beds with mattresses

It is possible to buy bunk beds where the lower level can be adapted into a sofa when the bed isnt in use. This handy dual use option is great for smaller bedrooms that do not have a lot of extra space available.

Triple sleeper bunk beds with mattresses

For more sleeping space, the triple sleeper bunk bed with mattress could be a good option. The lower level of a triple sleeper bunk bed is the same size as a double bed and the top level remains as a single bed.

Some bunk beds in this style have the lower level with a single bed unit that slides under the bunk bed frame when not in use. This gives an added sleeping area but without using more space.