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Calvin Klein Men's Socks

Calvin Klein Mens Socks

Calvin Klein is known for being a stylish and youthful clothing brand. Calvin Klein mens socks come in a range of different colours and sizes, perfect for pairing with your favourite suit or workout gear when training.

Types of Calvin Klein socks

Mens Calvin Klein trainer socks are a very short type of sock that fits neatly into your trainers, so it appears as though you arent wearing socks at all, while actually keeping your feet from touching the inside of the trainers themselves. They tend to be worn during sports and generally come in neutral colours such as black, white and grey.

Calvin Klein ankle socks are the traditional style of sock that we probably all imagine when we think of a pair of socks. Printed with stripes or the famous ck logo, these are perfect for suits and jeans that show a hint of sock when you sit down.

Mens long socks are, not surprisingly, longer than conventional ankle socks, rising up to just below the knee on most people. Available in soft Egyptian cotton, these are bound to keep you warm all day.

Each of the socks available in the Calvin Klein mens socks range comes in a variety of different colours and patterns, so youre sure to find a style you like, or that matches the outfit you wish to wear.

Available in small, medium, large and one size, it is easy to find a pair of Calvin Klein socks to fit you. These socks can also be bought as single pairs or in multipacks that can see you through the whole week.

The Calvin Klein Brand

Known throughout the world as a leading brand of both mens and womens clothing, Calvin Klein is named after the fashion designer who founded the company. He was born in New York in 1942 and became famous as a fashion designer from the 1960s.