Camcorder Tapes And Discs

There are a number of camcorder tapes and discs within this range, depending on your needs, the camcorder you have and how you like to record. For example, you will find a pack of 3 X Sony DVM60PR3 Premium Mini-DV Tapes are available to provide great picture quality with vibrant colours and superb sound. These record at a resolution exceeding 500 lines and they will run in both Standard Play mode which gives 60 minutes of run time and Long Play mode which increases the runtime to 90 minutes. These tapes are of high durability for repeated use.

Types of tapes and discs

Another of the camcorder tapes and discs available is the TDK Video8/8mm/Hi8/Digital8 camcorder tape which is optimised for both analogue and digital recording. This tape is available in short play time of 60 minutes/long play 90 minutes, short play 90 minutes/long play 180 minutes and as much as short play 126 minutes/long play 252 minutes.

TDK Life on Record 8cm discs are available in 10 discs per spindle, each of which has 30 minutes run time. DVD camcorders record directly onto the 8cm (3") 1.4GB discs. When the TDK Mini DVD is finalised in your camcorder you can take it out and instantly play it in your home DVD player or home theatre system.

Clean your camcorder

Camcorder tapes and discs that are available include a Sony DVM4-CLD Mini DV camcorder head cleaning tape / cassette that is compatible with any Mini DV camcorder and is also suitable for Hi-Def versions. It cleans all of the important tape guides and capstans and the magnetic video and sound heads, without causing any damage, ensuring that your picture quality is at its best and that your camcorder will have its' life expectancy increased to the maximum.