Camera Microphones

Buying an external microphone for your camera is essential if you want to record audio that is high quality. Investing in a camera microphone means that you no longer need to rely on the in built microphone which is not always of the highest quality and allows you to pick up sounds more accurately and clearly.

Types of camera microphones

Depending on what kind of external microphone connection you have on your camera will depend on what camera microphones you should go for. Double check if your digital camera has a stereo jack or an XLR jack for microphone connectivity. It is very important to check that the camera microphone will fit in the jack securely.

As a rule of thumb, there are three types of camera microphones. Shotgun microphones are mounted on to your camcorder and can also be attached to a boom pole. Generally, this tends to pick up on all sounds. The shotgun camera microphone is ideal if you want to pick up sounds from multiple speakers or ambient sounds.

For video interviews, generally lapel/lavalier camera microphones are most suitable as they can be easily attached to a subject's top or shirt and the mic will pick up on not only the subjects voice but surrounding sounds too. These are the most inconspicuous microphones as they simply look like a clip.

Lastly, for a well rounded camera microphone, you can always go for a handheld camera microphone . The sound quality of these camera microphones are excellent but they do tend to be quite heavy after prolonged use. These are the classic style of mic and also work great for unplanned interviews.

From camera microphones for GoPro to Nikon, you can find a variety of camera microphones to suit the brand of camera that you are using. With GoPro, you can expect to find microphones such as the Mini GoPro microphone MIC and collar clip for the GoPro Hero, which plugs directly into the camera and provides a high quality sound that is ideal for vlogging and for conducting interviews.

Simply attach the crocodile clip to the subject's clothing to ensure the best possible sound. It also comes with a mini USB connection to allow you to easily transfer the footage and sound to a laptop or tablet.

If size is an issue, why not opt for a small microphone that will still allow you to capture the sounds required but without compromising on space.

Top Products in Camera Microphones

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