Camera Cleaning Equipment Kits

Through regular use, or when it has been sitting gathering dust, your camera will need cleaning to remove excess dust, dirt and smudges from the surfaces. From the body of the camera to the lenses, filters and sensors each part should be carefully cleaned using dedicated camera cleaning products.

The camera body

Take a soft, non-abrasive cloth and wipe down the body of the camera using denatured alcohol. Beware that denatured alcohol can remove glue that holds together leather surfaces so be careful if you have a leather camera case. Stubborn stains can be removed by gently brushing with an old toothbrush.

The lenses

A dirty lens can affect your image quality so it is important you keep it clean. Before starting to clean the lenses make sure you have a rubber bulb blower, non-abrasive and lint-free wipes as well as a lens cleaner. It is best to clean the lens on a surface that is free from any dirt and dust in a well-lit room so all of the marks show up. If possible, try not to remove the lens from the camera when outdoors.

Using a blower without a brush, remove any obvious small particles from the lens. If residual dirt or dust still remains take a soft lint-free, non-abrasive cloth and wipe the lens gently with the lens cleaner starting from the centre outward. Do not spray the lens or let drops of liquid fall onto the lens, only apply with the cloth.

The sensors

If you change lenses regularly you may need to clean the sensors that sit inside the camera, particularly if you notice that there are blemishes on your photos. Make sure the camera is turned off before you start to clean it as when it is turned on the sensors are active and attract dust and dirt particles. A lit scope and tweezers can be used to gently remove particles from inside the body of the camera.

To access the lens, place the camera into cleaning mode to raise the mirror in front of the sensor and lock it in position. This will provide access to the sensors.

Camera cleaning kits

A professional cleaning kit can be bought in a dedicated bag with compartments or pouch. Certain kits include an anti-static cleaning cloth, a microfibre cleaning cloth, lens cleaning tissues, an anti-static cleaning brush to dissipate static charge, a rubber blower, tweezers and a photographic cleaning solution in a bottle.