Camera Film

Films for Polaroid Cameras

Edward Land founded the Polaroid Corporation and they have been a respected and popular brand for over seventy-five years now. Best known, historically for their iconic instantly developing and printing cameras, they are today involved in manufacturing various digital devices as well. Films for Polaroid cameras are available for instant printing of photographs compatible with Polaroids range of instant cameras .

Different types of film available

There are a wide range of Polaroid compatible films available including black and white and colour format. So whichever type of Polaroid camera is owned, or whichever type of print is required, films with the right colour format can be easily found.

Polaroid have released several versions of their instantly printing cameras over the years and the films available are each compatible with different models or types. Films can be found for the most recent Polaroid cameras, as well as those which are designed to fit perfectly and be fully compatible with older cameras . There is plenty of choice on offer, covering various models from a wide range of years of production, so the right film for the specific Polaroid camera model concerned can be selected.

Various film pack sizes

The Polaroid compatible films on offer come in packs and in a range of different sizes. There are smaller packs available which contain only 10 sheets, which are perfect for people who only expect to use their Polaroid camera on very few occasions. At the other end of the spectrum are packs with large quantities of film sheets that can include up to fifty sheets or more. These packs can represent the most economical way to buy a large number of sheets, when a Polaroid camera is to be used regularly. Of course, there are pack sizes in-between these as well, such as those with twenty or thirty film sheets for example.