Camera Lens Hoods

When using your camera in bright light or sunshine, a lens hood is an essential accessory for your camera. Camera lens hoods help to reduce the flare, which occurs when direct sunlight beams into the lens and is reflected on the inside of the lens. There are many different camera lens hoods available that can help reduce flare, capture different light and suit your specific camera model.

Benefits of camera lens hoods

Camera lens hoods are a highly useful tool that can help to improve the quality of your picture, by reducing the problematic effects of flare. Camera flare shows up in the photograph in many different ways.

Flare can scatter various circular shapes of different colours across your image, ruining the effect contrast and detracting from the subject of the photograph. As well as circles adorning the picture, flare can also reduce the contrast of your photograph and make it appear hazy and less refined.

Using a lens hood with your digital camera is the most effect way to eliminate occurrences of these problems.

Types of camera lens hoods

When choosing a lens hood for your camera, it is important that you choose the right size to fit your lens and camera model. You can find many lens hoods that are specially designed to fit certain lenses.

Lens hoods come with different styles of fastenings. These include screw-on, slip-on and snap-on. Snap-ons are the easiest lens hoods to apply to your camera, as all you need to do it firmly push them on.

Not all camera lenses are the same size. When choosing the size of your lens hood, you need to make sure it is not to narrow and that it gives adequate protection from the sun. You should always make sure that the lens hood you buy is wider and longer than your camera lens to reduce flare completely.

There are many different shapes of camera lens hoods which help to give a different effect to your images. While round lens hoods look like a lampshade, they are ideal for situations of extreme brightness, as they let very little light enter the lens. On the other hand, a petal lens hood has slits to allow a little light in to create a warm glow on the picture.

A wide range of brands manufacture camera lens hoods including Canon, Olympus and Leica. However, more affordable options include unbranded lens hoods.