Camera Memory Card Readers and Adapters

A memory card reader is a device that can be used to access data stored on a memory card, SD card or MMC card. Most card readers also have a write function whilst some printers, PCs and smartphones have a built-in card reader. Although they dont have a built-in memory capacity, multi card readers are used to read data from different memory cards .

Memory Card Readers

There are three categories of card reader from which to choose. These are a single card reader, a multi card reader and a series card reader. Some memory cards are available with their own USB function so a card reader is not required.

A single card reader is suitable for one memory card only and should be sufficient for general light use.

A multi card reader is used to transfer data between memory cards and a computer. They are easy to install and use and are compatible with all types of memory cards - SD, SDHC , microSDHC, xD, CompactFlash, MMC, MMCplus, MemoryStick, M2, RSMMC, MMCmobile, miniSD and miniSDHC.

Some memory card readers are USB based and have read and write capabilities. High speed transfer is via a USB connection and the reader is compatible with a USB 2.0 interface. The device is portable and compact and the write function means the card reader can be used in different locations for editing and browsing. It is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems and an AC adapter is not needed due to bus-powered operation.

Many memory card readers can be customised to meet your requirements. A workflow hub can be built by combining readers and allows the transfer of data simultaneously from multiple cards. Four bays are available in a workflow memory card reader hub. Each individual bay can be connected even when the readers are not inserted.

Some card readers incorporate a built-in cable and SuperSpeed data transfer with a sync speed of up to 5Gbps. They are plug and play ready so drivers are not needed for installation, and are fully powered via a USB port.

Memory Card Adapters

Suitable for use with both Mac and Windows OS, memory card adapters enable you to retrieve all your photos and video footage from both older media cards and newer generation high speed, high capacity memory cards.

Functioning similarly to a removable storage disk, you can quickly and easily transfer data between PCs, tablets, laptops, smartphones, GPS and cameras.

USB compatible, setting up an adapter is easy. Simply plug and play - the adapter requires no additional power as it is directly powered from the USB cable itself.