Camera Monopod

Camera Monopod

In order to prepare your camera for easier, steadier picture taking, you will need a camera monopod. There are a variety of different designs available from lightweight travel monopods, to heavy duty designs that are designed for professional photographers.

These monopods are suitable for a variety of different digital cameras with a standard 1/4 and 3/8 screw thread fitting. They require little in the way of set up, simple screw the monopod to the bottom of the camera and its good to go.

Made from aluminium and carbon fibre, some of these monopods weigh as little as 364 grams. They have an adjustable quick release leg design, which can extend the monopods between 20.6 inches (52.5 cm) to 70 inches (170 cm) so you can raise or lower your camera easily to get the best shot. Most of the designs also feature a bubble level so you can ensure your framing is perfectly adjusted.

Most of these monopods come with a comfortable foam grip handle and wrist strap which is ideal for transportation or if you are shooting in wet or windy conditions. Many also come with a removable non-slip rubber foot which makes them ideal for wooden and stone surfaces. Some of the monopods include a spike, which can be used outdoors in grass and dirt to securely plant your equipment in the ground.

Pan/tilt head monopods can rotate up to 360 degrees so you can achieve the perfect angle for each photograph. Some monopods also feature a built in footrest which is helpful if you want to ensure the camera is secure when you are composing your shot.

Many of these monopods are supplied with a carrying case for easy transportation and to ward against bumps and knocks when you are out and about. A camera monopod with case is essential if you are planning on taking a holiday and want to photograph the striking scenery or plan on travelling anywhere with your camera and monopod.