Camera & Photo Accessories for GoPro

Everything You Need to Know About GoPro Accessories

Enjoy your pool-side holiday even more as the GoPro makes a variety of super-tough action cameras that are designed for use in water and other extreme conditions. If you want to expand the capabilities of your GoPro, you can buy GoPro attachments and accessories. With eBay, choose from a wide variety of accessories for any model.

What are some available GoPro mounts?

Some of the most popular accessories for GoPro cameras are the mounts. Some available mounts are listed here:

  • Suction cup: This mount anchors your GoPro to many flat surfaces, so you can set it up quickly.
  • Chest strap: This mount is a harness that places the GoPro at the centre of your chest. It allows you to capture first-person action footage during extreme sports like paragliding or skydiving.
  • Wrist strap: The wrist strap mount fastens the camera to your wrist, leaving your hands free.
  • Head strap: This strap mounts the GoPro to your head, so it captures footage without getting blocked by your arms. You might use it during kayaking, biking, or running.
  • Bite mount: This mount goes into your mouth, placing the camera right at face level.
What is typically included in a GoPro accessories kit?

Every kit is different, but most kits include some combination of the following accessories:

  • Activity-specific mounts
  • Inserts to hold the GoPro to the mount
  • Extra mounting hardware
  • Carrying case
What are some accessories for the GoPro Hero cameras?

Whether you’re shopping for GoPro Hero 1 accessories or GoPro Hero 4 accessories, you can choose from the following range of options:

  • Battery chargers: These devices keep GoPro batteries charged to help you record longer.
  • Extension poles: Like a selfie stick, these poles allow you to hold the GoPro away from your body.
  • Floating mounts: These units keep your GoPro afloat in the water. This means that if you let go of the mount underwater, it will bob to the surface instead of sinking.
How can you choose GoPro accessories?

With so many accessories to choose from, it’s important to find the right fit for your GoPro model. Use these steps to narrow down the options:

  • Choose your model: GoPro accessories compatibility depends on the camera model. GoPro Session accessories are considerably different than GoPro accessories for Hero 5, for example. Make sure your choice fits your GoPro.
  • Select the activity: Select from accessories designed for biking, paddling, swimming, travelling, and more.
  • Choose the accessory type: Pick from mounts, tripods, covers, batteries, battery chargers, and more.
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