Camera Remotes & Shutter Releases

Camera Remotes and Shutter Releases

Using a camera remote and shutter release can open up possibilities with photography. You can take self portraits and time lapse images with ease. Not only do these camera remotes allow you to step away from the camera, they also allow you to keep your shot in the exact same position for extended periods of time.

Even the slightest movement of the camera can ruin your time lapse photo. Stepping away from the small viewfinder or LCD screen also allows you to see the shot youre taking in real-life.

Brands that produce camera remotes and shutter releases include Canon , Nikon and Go-Pro.

Types of camera remotes and shutter releases

There are different types of remotes for cameras. There are camera flash triggers that can communicate with the camera to adjust for optimum light conditions, allowing you to change flash settings.

The other main type of camera remote is the shutter release. This device offers a remote way to trigger your shutter release (also known as a cable release). This can reduce camera shake at slow shutter speeds or at high magnification. These camera remotes also subs allow you to be in the picture.

There are two types of shutter release remotes. Wired camera shutter release remotes are wired to the camera. Using a wired connection allows for an uninterrupted and reliable connection between the remote and the camera. These remotes also dont use any battery life, giving your camera more charge for shooting.

A wireless shutter release is connected to the camera with a receiver and works through a radio signal. Not having a wire allows you to be free of messy wires meaning you dont have to worry about pulling the camera over. Wireless camera remotes also let you stand much further away from your digital camera . Wireless models are also more compact and are easily packed away.