Camera Screen Protectors

Cameras are treasured possessions for both professional photographers and amateurs alike, and when you've invested in your camera kit, you want to keep it very well protected at all times. Camera screen protectors can help you do just that, keeping your camera screen free from dust, dirt and damage while you're using the camera in various potentially hazardous conditions, like wind, rain, sand, rain and snow.

Screen protectors for every camera model

There are dozens of different camera screen protectors available to suit every possible requirement and they can be browsed by brand or by the compatible model and series - from simple scratch-resistant plastic screen protectors to more durable optical glass screen guards. Whatever you may need is available.

Designed with thoughtful attention to form and function, camera screen protectors work successfully with both touch screens and swivel screens on modern cameras without impacting touch-screen sensitivity.

Most camera screen protectors offer an array of features and benefits including a strong silicon adhesive for fast, easy and gapless application and removal, a smudge-resistant coating that prevents fingerprint marks and smudges and makes cleaning a breeze, anti-reflection coatings to minimise surface glare under bright lights and anti-shatter glass that minimises the risk of the screen shattering if the camera is dropped or knocked.

The ultimate camera screen protection

Many camera screen protectors come in sets of two or three - perfect for those with more than one camera. Most packages also include an instruction manual which you should always read beforehand, microfibre cleaning cloths to remove dirt and grit before applying the protector, a dust removal sticker to get rid of dust, a smoothing application card to ensure that there are no air bubbles and stickers for times when you need to remove the screen protector and reapply it.

Be sure to check that the screen protector is compatible with your camera model before purchasing.