Camera Stabilisers

Improve Photography and Videography with a Camera Stabilizer

When taking photographs or shooting video by hand, even the smallest movements can create blurring or disrupt the shot. Camera stabilizers can help solve this problem by holding the camera steady and eliminating micro movements caused by the users body, which results in clear and smooth shots. On eBay, you will find a vast selection of both new and used camera stabilizers at a range of prices that can suit every budget.

What types of camera stabilizers are there?

There are three main types of camera stabilizers:

  • Handheld stabilizers: These can be operated with one hand and usually use feature a handheld tripod like device that the camera can mount to.
  • Body mounted stabilizers: These stabilizers feature a brace that is worn on the body and often utilise springs as shock absorbers.
  • Camera shoulder braces: These stabilize cameras by transferring the weight of a camera from the hands and arms onto the shoulders of an operator. They have two handles for controlling the unit.
How do camera stabilizers work?

Camera stabilizers can eliminate camera shake in a variety of ways. Each manufacturer may employ slightly different technology, so always check the manufacturer site for details. Some of the common technologies employed include:

  • Shock absorption: Uses springs and padding to absorb micro movements from the body.
  • Weight distribution: Uses a brace to spread the weight of the camera across more than one area of the body.
  • Gimbals: A type of gyroscopic technology, a gimbal is a pivoted support that allows the rotation of an object of which it is mounted to.
  • Counterweights: Used with a gimbal system to keep the camera balanced at certain angles.
  • Motorised stabilizers: These systems utilise an inertial measurement unit (IMU) to sense movement, and they power small motors to adjust the angle of the camera in order to keep it level.
What types of scenes can benefit from the use of a stabilizer?

A stabilizer can improve any type of shot, but the following types of photographs and videos will particularly benefit from the use of a stabilizer:

  • Action footage: Fast moving images, where the camera has to pivot and swivel.
  • Filming on the move: When a cameraman is walking, running, or filming from a moving vehicle.
  • Long exposure photographs: Small movements during a long exposure can cause considerable blurring.

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