Camera Straps and Hand Grips

Many people spend their majority of photography budget on more cameras, more lenses, and bigger flash guns, but the simple things such as camera straps and hand grips can also make a difference and move your image making up to the next level.

Camera straps

Many people will just use the neck strap that came with their camera and never change it, but in fact the choice of camera strap is more important than you may think.

If you regularly use large heavy lenses , then the neck strap that came with your camera may become uncomfortable on long shoots. Buying a wider strap, perhaps with padding, will make those long sessions less of a struggle.

You may also like a more personalised strap in unusual materials or natural fibres and in a range of colours. Most manufacturers also put the camera's model name on the supplied strap and you may prefer not to advertise your valuable cameras in this way. Hand straps are ideal when you intend to hold your camera, but want the security of knowing it will stay securely attached to your wrist.

Belt straps let you carry your camera on your belt and quickly unclip for use. These partner well with a hand strap for additional security.

Camera straps for speed and comfort

Photographers getting close to the action need to get the camera to their eye as quickly and easily as possible. The standard over the neck or shoulder strap that attaches to two eyelets on the camera body, is not always ideal for that.

A shoulder or neck strap belt attaches to your camera at the tripod mount, beneath the camera. The camera then slides up and down the strap without moving the position of the strap pad on your shoulder. A quick release function lets you remove the camera without having to take off the strap.

These kinds of straps usually also have handy pockets to let you carry spare memory cards with you.

These straps are also useful for walkers and climbers as the camera does not bump against you as you move around, as it might on a standard strap.

Professional camera strap solutions

If you need to use two cameras at a time, then choose a double dual shoulder sling strap. These let you carry a camera off each shoulder. The harness is designed in one piece, which provides a very secure carrying solution and is usually much more heavily padded to take the extra weight comfortably.

If you like to capture GoPro footage, then there are specially designed head and chest straps to mount the camera so it can film your every move.