Choosing the Right Canada Goose Outerwear to Get You Through the Cold

Canada Goose is one of the most popular outerwear companies in the world, thanks to the quality materials used to craft the company's lines of winter coats. Choosing from the wide selection available on eBay can feel a bit overwhelming, so consider the following before you make your choice. 

Who should consider the relaxed fit Canada Goose coat? 

The relaxed fit coat is perfect for people looking for extra room and who'd like to add layers to their outerwear. In Canada Goose lingo, ""relaxed fit"" means incredibly loose fitting and comfortable. It's very roomy with lots of comfortable cover. The extra roominess means that you're able to add layers of clothes underneath, perfect for extra-chilly days. 

How do you pick the right colour Canada Goose jacket? 

Canada Goose jackets come in a wide variety of colours. The signature bombers and parkas come in classic shades, including black, grey, red and dark blue, while certain models come in bright, standout colours like summit pink and aurora green. If the coat you're choosing is going to be your everyday coat, you may want to select a more neutral colour that goes with everything. On the other hand, if you like something that will really pop, you might want to choose one of the brighter colours. 

Is the Canada Goose children's selection extensive? 

From parkas to bombers to lightweight down jackets, the brand offers a healthy supply of coat options for kids. The same high-quality materials used to make the adult line are used to make the children's line as well, so you can be sure that your little ones remain toasty and warm on the coldest days. 

What conditions are best for wearing these coats? 

These coats are very insulating, keeping the wearer extra warm, so there are certain times when they can be your go-to gear:  

  • Skiing - In addition to keeping you very warm, they're also waterproof and keep moisture out.
  • Chilly winds - Put on your Canada Goose when you're going to be out in extremely chilly weather for an extended period of time. The insulation has been known to keep out the most bone-chilling winds.
  • Newborns - Wrap babies in Canada Goose bunting when you're taking them out into the cold for the first time. The bunting is roomy enough to allow them to move around but warm enough to shield them from bad weather.

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