Canoes can be purchased as new and used items and as single, double or triple models designed for sporting or recreational use on any open water source. Canoes are available from many leading brands such as Mad River, Old Town and Perception.

Design features and the materials used in manufacturing canoes vary according to a boats purpose. Some canoe designs are suitable for lake paddling and straight-line tracking, whereas others are highly adapted to swift moving rivers and streams. Modern canoes are made from moulded plastic or composites such as fibreglass however traditional canoes are also available with wooden frames.

Importantly, before buying a canoe, ask yourself how you want to use it. How many people do you need to fit in it? Will you be taking it on weekend outings for all the family or should it be designed for solo whitewater challenges? Many of these answers will dictate your final choice.

Solo canoes

Solo or single canoes can be purchased across several designs from recreational solo canoes for trips and explorations in the wilderness, to solo racing boats. Racing or slalom canoes typically have lightweight, fibreglass bodies and more rounded bottoms to offer enhanced manoeuvrability and better speed. Variations on single canoes include solo kayaks which are narrower than a conventional canoe and have blades at both ends of its paddle.

Family canoes

Double canoes can be used for solo or tandem cruising and triple canoes are perfect for family trips or expeditions. Inflatable canoes are also great for leisure use. Made from scratch resistant and durable thick PVC, such lightweight and portable canoes will seat two comfortably for fishing trips and days on the water.

Many canoes are fitted with ergonomically designed seats to provide back and leg support and a comfortable paddling position. Cockpits are designed for easy access/exit and many modern canoes have carry handles so you can load and carry on your own, wherever you go.