Conveniently Print Your Photos at Home with Canon Selphy Ink

Canon Selphy printers and ink make it convenient to print photos at home. The system uses dye sublimation printing technology to print photos with vibrant colours and a glossy finish. You can find a range of new and used Canon Selphy ink cartridges on eBay.

How does Canon Selphy ink work?

A Canon Selphy cartridge contains both ink and photo paper. The cartridge is able to print a set number of pictures per cartridge, based on the quantity of photo paper that is available. KP-108 cartridges, for example, can print 108 photos per cartridge. Selphy printers make use of a printing technique that involves printing colours separately and then combining them to form the final product. This is called dye sublimation printing.

Is using Canon Selphy cartridges economical?

Yes, it is quite economical. Since the Selphy system is a dedicated photo printer, it is optimised for printing photos as economically as possible. By combining the required paper and ink in one cartridge, both money and time are saved.

Are Canon Selphy printers suited to commercial photo printing?

Selphy printers are designed as consumer printers and are intended for home use. The printers are capable of printing photo lab-quality prints and can be used for low-volume photo printing. Canon provides a range of different photo paper types to allow users to choose between glossy or matte prints.

Can the printer be used without a computer?

Yes, Canon Selphy printers can be connected directly to a camera. The printers are equipped with PictBridge technology that allows a camera to be connected to the printer for photo printing without the need for software or a computer. Selphy printers are also equipped with a card reader that allows users to print photos directly from a memory card.

What are the general features of a Canon Selphy ink cartridge and printer?

Canon Selphy ink cartridges have several noteworthy features, including:

  • All-in-one Solution: The cartridge contains everything needed to print photos; both paper and ink is supplied in one product.
  • Dry ink: Canon Selphy cartridges do not use liquid-based ink for printing, which makes them leak-resistant and leads to instantly dry prints.
  • Cost effective: Canon Selphy cartridges are cost-effective for home photo printing.
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