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Canon Teleconverter Camera Lenses

Canon Teleconverter Camera Lenses

The purpose of a teleconverter lens is to multiply the focal length of your existing lens so you can access distances further away from where you are positioned. Canon teleconverter camera lenses are a great addition to your existing kit as it essentially modifies the camera lenses you already have and increases your capabilities.

Teleconverter Uses

A teleconverter lens is great for capturing action thats far away. For example, if you enjoy nature photography, taking photos from afar prevents disturbances and allows you to capture events that otherwise wouldnt be seen. They are also great in sports photography if you are seated far away from the action but want to get detailed shots using your current lens.

How it works

By putting a teleconverter lens in front of your existing Canon camera lenses you can gain extra magnification. For example, if youre using a 200mm lens and the extender has 1.4x, you will be able to achieve a focal length of 280mm. All teleconverter lenses have auto focus capabilities to keep images sharp and maintain quick communication between the camera and the lens, so you can make the shot in good time.


There are different types of teleconverter lens available so make sure that you choose one compatible with your existing set of lenses. Canon EF lenses are the only ones compatible with teleconverters so check your lenses are from the EF range. If not, you can easily purchase one and with the teleconverter you will have wider focal length capabilities. There are many tables available online for you to check compatibility and find out information about the capabilities of each type of teleconverter lens.

Build quality

Being a Canon product, you can rest assured that the build quality is of the highest standard. Teleconverters are specially made so that there is no loss of lens performance. They work in synergy with your existing lens.