Range Rover Sport car two bars

Choosing the exact type of tow bar you need for your Range Rover Sport can be tricky and its important for your safety and security that you pick the correct one. Here on eBay, you can find a wide selection of Range Rover Sport car tow bar available for different models and with different features.

Flange tow bar types

A model used commonly is the flange tow bar. This is designed so that the tow ball is bolted in to the bar thanks to two 24mm bolts. Its worth remembering theres also several designs of the flange tow bar that come with four bolts instead of two.

Flange tow bars are the most versatile type of tow bar because they can be utilised with tow ball mounted accessories such as bumper protectors, cycle carriers and stabilisers. Flange tow bars are readily available in both detachable and fixed assemblies.

Pin system tow bar types

Pin system tow bars closely resemble the detachable type of tow bars. The neck of the pin system tow bar is inserted into the fitted part of the tow bar horizontally, which is different to other types of tow bar as this type does not have a lock and key. It is instead held in place by a pin, which in turn is secured by a leg spring.

Swan neck type tow bars

Swan neck type tow bars are neat and compact as the tow ball and neck are welded together as one piece. Due to their narrow size, they are also less likely to set off your parking sensors. Although not as versatile as the flange style, swan neck tow bars can also be used alongside an AL-KO stabiliser with no need for modifications. They are also available in both a fixed and a detachable style.