Caravan 12V LED Lights

12V LED Lighting Solutions for Your Caravan

Whether you need to replace broken or antiquated RV lights, you ought to consider using affordable 12V LED caravan lights. Not only are these lamps safe to use, but they also consume significantly less power than other lights. Before you make your purchase, you should learn about the different lighting solutions available for your caravan on eBay.

What 12V LED interior lighting options are available?

Interior lights are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. From round ceiling lights to dimmable square fixtures, you will find lighting to suit your needs. Here’s a sampling of the selection available on eBay:

  • Ceiling lights - Dome and recessed models mount overhead to illuminate the interior, helping you locate items that would otherwise be hard to find. A manual switch or an opened door activates the bulb. Both stationary and pivoting units are available.
  • Strip lights - Usually, these lights have an adhesive backing to mount in shadowed or hard-to-reach areas like cabinets and cupboards. Most strip lights can be cut to a specific size.
  • Reading lights - Mount these small lights near the rear-view mirror. In most cases, you can adjust the lights so that either the driver or the passenger can read directions to the destination.
What exterior lighting options will you find on eBay?

Mainly, you will find awning and rear lights for the outside of your caravan. The rear lights can serve a multitude of functions. They serve as an indicator of your position ahead of other vehicles as well as warn drivers when your vehicle is about to come to a halt.

  • Awning lights: These lights come in a triangle-shaped housing to fit under awnings. Most models feature waterproof construction.
  • Rear lights: These rectangle-shaped reflectors have a dual or tri-colour casing of red, white, and amber and function as tail, stop, reverse, and fog lights. When illuminated, they caution drivers following your caravan to slow down, stop, and drive at a safe distance behind you.
What are some reasons to choose 12V LED caravan lights?

Most caravans come equipped with fluorescent and halogen lighting, which consumes a lot of energy. LED lights offer higher energy efficiency and use less power. Unlike other types of bulbs that require gas to function, LED lights use a microchip to produce bright light. Plus, most units offer a simple installation without the need for additional or complicated wiring. Benefits of LED caravan lights include the following:

  • Low power consumption.
  • Energy efficiency - Compared to other light sources, LEDs are extremely efficient, generating little heat while producing over 50 lumens per watt.
  • Long life - The lights can provide over 100,000 hours of light depending on the usage.
  • Wide beam - LED bulbs cast a broad beam of directional light and illuminate more space.