Caravan Awning 1050

1050cm caravan awnings to transform your motorhome

Turn your motorhome into a camping hub with a 1050cm caravan awning. These highly functional awnings completely open up the possibilities of every camping trip and can be used as a place to hang out away from the sun. Choose the perfect motorhome parts and accessories here on eBay to have the best camping experience possible. 

Full cover 1050cm caravan awnings

Kit out your caravan with caravan awnings that offer full cover, with a roof, front cover and sides. A two-door design offers more entry points and also increases breathability whilst the full zip out panels let you transform this full shelter into just a roof for shelter in hotter weather. A steel inner frame offers added stability even in strong winds. 

A Starcamp all season awning works well no matter the weather. The longer 1050cm design fits to larger caravans whilst the universal design can be fitted to either the left or right side. 

Four windows offer added sunlight whilst roll-down blinds let you shut out the light. Two entryways to the front offer easy access and added breeze whilst the fully zippable walls let you fully open up this awning. 

Or choose something with moveable panels for a customisable caravan awning. Set up this awning as a fully open space with zipped down windows, or create your own rooms inside by zipping up different walls. Add even more space with a bedroom annexe, the perfect place to sleep on a hot summers eve. 

Overhead 1050cm caravan awnings

For something more lightweight that offers overhead protection, choose a caravan canopy to keep the sun at bay. These models often feature three pole stands and an overhead cover and are perfect for use in the hotter months. Or choose something with two sides to offer a further protection from winds whilst keeping you cool in the heat.