Caravan Leisure Battery

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Browse a great range of reliable and high-quality leisure batteries that will keep your caravan powered even in the wildest of campsites. Whether you are in the highlands or Scotland or the sunny south coast, if you are camping without access to a mains electricity supply then a leisure battery is an essential piece of equipment. 

What is a leisure battery?

Leisure batteries differ from car engine batteries, and should not be used in place of the other. An engine battery is designed to provide the power surge needed to start an engine. In contrast, a leisure battery provides a steady output of electricity enabling you to use appliances, charge phones, and use gadgets. 

What do you need from your leisure battery?

As straightforward as it may sound, your choice of battery should depend on the nature of your camping plans. If you are likely to have access to power then you are probably only going to need your battery as a regulator and back up. In that case, you will likely find that a mid-range battery will serve your needs more than adequately. 

Types of leisure batteries

You can find a selection of different leisure batteries including standard starter batteries, standard leisure batteries, semi-traction batteries and traction batteries. Most leisure batteries are lead-acid batteries but you can also find leisure batteries made from gel, AGM batteries which have a lot longer lifespan compared with lead-acid batteries and maintenance free batteries. 

What are AH and V?

When you are purchasing a battery you will see a number of abbreviations. AH stands for Ampere Hours. This translates as the number of hours that your battery will provide the stated number of Vs, which stand for Volts. Typically a leisure battery will provide between 100 and 130 AH, and most caravans require a 12V leisure battery