Caravan Stabiliser

Caravan stabilisers for towing safety

Make sure that youre safe and secure when towing with a caravan stabiliser. These caravan parts are used to make the towing connection more stable in the event of a crosswind or dip in the road. From Alko caravan stabilisers to models from iDC, theres something to make every caravanners life easier right here on eBay. 

You need to ensure that a stabiliser is compatible with your vehicles chassis, towing bracket and ball. Otherwise, they may not fit, and an incorrectly installed stabiliser may not work properly and can even cause danger on the roads. 

Blade-type stabilisers

Blade-type stabilisers are some of the most commonly available units. These use a metal leaf spring and friction pads to combat lateral movement, actively preventing your towed caravan from moving too far in one direction. 

Youll also find dual-blade stabilisers that feature two blades for effective damping for larger units. 

Active stability braking systems

Or, go for active stability braking systems for something with added functionality and safety. These more advanced caravan stabilisers use a set of sensors to detect lateral movement. When movement beyond a certain limit is detected by the sensors, the caravans brakes are lightly applied until the movement stops. 

These motorhome parts and accessories attach to the towing vehicle via the electrical system, coming with a status display to show when the stabiliser is ready to be used. 

Towball-mounted stabilisers

For something more simple, choose a towball-mounted stabiliser. These smaller and easier to use stabilisers are also a popular choice. Unlike blade stabilisers, theres no need for constant adjustments. Friction pads on the inside press directly on the towball, preventing sideways movement. 

These types of stabilisers stop your caravan sideways when being passed by a larger vehicle, or in a crosswind. Newer models also actively combat verticle movements too.