Cardboard Shipping & Moving Boxes

Frequently Asked Questions about Cardboard Boxes

Whether youre packing for a move to a new home, need boxes to put items into cold storage, or have items to ship to another address, cardboard boxes come in many shapes and sizes to accommodate different objects and uses. There is a vast collection of them on eBay.

What types of cardboard boxes are available?

Boxes are designed with different uses in mind. Below are the more common types that are available:

  • Large home moving boxes: Measuring 30 or more centimetres on each side, these are boxes well suited for bulky items like clothing, electronics, or kitchen utensils.
  • Postal packing boxes: These are usually medium-size boxes measuring between 15 and 30 centimetres. They are used for shipping most types of merchandise.
  • Letter boxes: These are boxes intended for mailing papers, letters, and manuscripts.
  • Shipping boxes: These are boxes suited for mailing gifts or products. They often can be bought in an assortment of sizes or in bulk.
  • Specialty gift boxes: These are boxes designed to be decorative with creative shapes and plastic viewing windows for giving gifts on special occasions.
  • Carrying case boxes: You can also find disposable carrying case boxes that have handles.
Whats the best way to choose a cardboard box?

When choosing which cardboard box to buy, there are several features to consider, some of which include the following:

  • Purpose: The first consideration is the purpose of the box. If you want to send something through a shipping or mail service, then a shipping box is called for. If you need a box to give a gift in person, then a decorative gift box will be more appropriate.
  • Decorations: Boxes designed for special occasions will come in a variety of colours, and some have decorations printed on them.
  • Size: Boxes should be large enough that you can pack your items without damaging them or the box. Empty space can be filled with packing materials like tissue paper, bubble wrap, or newspaper.
  • Strength: For heavy or sharp items, you may want to choose a box made of double-wall cardboard for added strength and durability.
What is the difference between single and double-walled cardboard boxes?

Single and double wall is a description of how the cardboard is made. Single-wall cardboard is made with a single layer of fluting between two layers of thick paper. This is the most common type of cardboard used for boxes. Double-wall cardboard has three layers of heavy paper and two layers of fluting between them for added strength.