Cases and Covers for LG Nexus 5

Make sure you protect your LG Nexus 5 at all times by adding a case or cover to it. Whether it be through clumsiness or sheer accident, bumps and knocks to your phone are inevitable in day-to-day life.

Phone cases and covers for your LG Nexus 5 are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials, perfect for you to choose as per your preference.

Types of cases and covers

Whenever you buy a case or cover for your phone, you mostly find yourself compromising safety or the aesthetics of your phone. Luckily, when buying cases or covers for your LG Nexus 5, you don't have to; choose from a flip case, pouch or sleeve, a wallet or even fitted skin.

Case and cover styles

As well as ensuring protection, cases and covers for LG Nexus 5 can also look great too! Whether you prefer a plain or transparent cover or want to opt for a pictorial or patterned style, the choice is yours. With some styles, you can even choose to have an image that is dear to you added to your case or cover to make it truly personalised.

From glossy to matte, you can choose the finish of your case, depending on your preference. Particular styles, including those with a jewelled finish, will really make you stand out from the crowd.


Different materials offer protection in different ways. Rubber cases are the best for gripping your phone, while silicone or gel cases or covers will keep your LG Nexus 5 protected for those unfortunate times when they fall from a relative height.

However, there are also many cases that are made from leather, both synthetic and real, carbon fibre and even vinyl. Leather cases are most commonly found in the flip variety, mostly equipped with inside pockets/sleeves for you to store cash or cards.

Colours and patterns

Choose phone cases in a variety of colours and patterns. You can choose from dazzling metallic colours such as gold and silver or a range of multi-coloured cases. The choice doesn't end there, you can also choose from pretty florals and Disney characters to Hollywood icons and intriguing styles such as peacocks and anime designs.

If you are looking for cases and covers for LG Nexus 5, you can be sure to find a phone case that will suit your requirements combining functionality and style in equal measure.