Cases and Covers for Sony Xperia SP

Since Sony released this popular smartphone in 2013, phone case manufacturers have been producing cases and covers for the Sony Xperia SP . All types of cases and covers are available in book, shell style or pouch. They are made in a variety of materials and in a range of patterns, colours and finishes.

When deciding which Sony Xperia SP cover to buy, along with the style you want your phone to have, you should consider the level of protection you require. Phone cases for Sony Xperia SP phones can be rugged and robust, providing ultra-protection with chunky looks, or they can be slimline and complementary to the style of your phone, yet provide limited protection.

Clear cases for Sony Xperia SP

Good impact protection with minimal obstruction to the phone's style can be achieved with a silicone gel Sony Xperia Sp case .

Gel and silicone covers for Sony Xperia SP mobile phones have a rubber-like feel, offering elasticity and flexibility. These materials can absorb much of the impact when a phone is dropped, helping to prevent damage.

Many gel, silicon or rubber cases for Sony Xperia SP smartphones are slimline. Along with the clear variety, they are produced in opaque and translucent versions and in many different colours. Some are patterned and textured to make the phone more attractive and easier to grip.

Shiny covers for Sony Xperia SP

A glossy Sony Xperia SP case will often be made from plastic. Plastic can give your smartphone a glassy look and a plastic case can also be slimline and minimal to reveal the phone's style, especially if it is transparent.

Before purchasing a plastic Sony Xperia SP cover, it is wise to check for quality assurances as plastic covers can be brittle. A brittle cover will provide lower levels of protection for your mobile phone and can easily crack or scratch.