Cat Igloos/Caves

Cat Igloo/Cave Beds

Cat igloo/cave beds are designed for your pets ultimate comfort. The cosy snug design is available in a wide choice of sizes, colours and shapes.

Types of cat cave beds

Luxurious 2 in 1 style cat cave beds typically boast a stylishly modern design that incorporates a self-heating thermal-reflective core. The cosy fleece-lined tube shaped bed easily unzips to a spacious mat in seconds.

Fur trimmed cat beds often have a foldable construction for easy storing. The bed is made from soft fleece material and features a removable cushion, faux fur trim, a non-slip base and a wide entrance. This style is suitable for both cats and kittens.

Cat cave beds made from soft fleece usually have a quilted design, with a reversible and removable inner pad. The beds fold flat for storage.

Faux fur is a soft, luxuriously comfortable option for cat cave beds. This style is completely covered in the fabric.

Cat beds that boast a nest design typically have a low dome shape with extended cushioned mat surface at the front.

Traditional wicker cat baskets that have an igloo shape also make comfortable beds. To transform into a bed, add a padded cushion and take away the removable metal door.

Novelty cat igloo/cave beds typically feature a soft, brushed cotton interior and a padded exterior. The variety of bed designs available includes mini house shaped caves and strawberry shaped pet houses.

Choosing the perfect cave bed

Cat cave beds provide a comfortable, warm and secure sleeping environment for your pet. Choose a style and size that comfortably accommodates your cat.

Cat cave beds that have a collapsible construction can be easily stored away when not in use.

If using the cat igloo bed whilst travelling, opt for a design that features a convenient carry handle.