Cement Mixers

With comprehensive new and used ranges available at affordable prices, portable cement mixers are no longer confined to the construction site. For casual users and DIY enthusiasts, there's a portable cement mixer to match any budget and workload requirement. Find mixers from trusted brands including JCB, Honda and Belle.

Drum Sizes and Design

The first consideration when buying a portable cement mixer is its capacity. Drum sizes vary from as small as 50 litres up to 170 litres. Whilst drums are pretty basic in their construction, it's always worth checking their material build and internal paddle construction. It's hard work mixing cement and the higher the quality and tougher the drum and paddle the longer the mixer will last.

Electric or petrol

Whilst there are hand driven mixers available, the two most common types of portable cement mixers are driven either by electricity or petrol. Both have their advantages but principally, electric portable cement mixers require a power supply whereas petrol powered mixers can be used on sites and in locations that have no power supply.

Other Key Features

As with the drum and paddle, the higher the quality of the component parts of portable mixers then the longer the service they will give. Pay attention to the stand and frame to check how sturdy it is. Consider wheel size too, as if they're too small it will be difficult manoeuvring them over rough terrain.

Hand Held Paddle Mixers

Also worth mentioning are hand held paddle mixers. These are, as their name suggests, small mixers with either one or two paddles and are ideal for mixing buckets of cement as well as small amounts of other viscous materials like mortar, paint and plaster.

Spare Parts

If you have a portable cement mixer that doesn't work, before discarding it check for spares. There are many available including air filters, electric switches, mixer stands, retainer clips, motors and even the drums themselves.

Top Products in Cement Mixers

  • Portable Electric Concrete Cement 120l Drum 240v Volt 550w Mixer Mortar Plaster
  • T Mech 70 L Electric Cement Mixer 250w Portable Mortar Concrete Mixing Machine
  • Switzer Electric Cement Mixer Portable Mortar Plaster Concrete Drum 550w 120l
  • Switzer 250w Drum Portable Electric Concrete Cement Mixer Mortar Plaster 70l
  • Drum for Belle Minimix 140 150 Maxi Cement Mixers
  • Belle CMS12SP Mixer Drum Cement