Children's Bedroom Furniture Sets

With children constantly growing, it can be tricky to pick a style of bedroom furniture that will suit their needs for as long as possible. As a rule of thumb, you might think two or three years ahead and buy children's bedroom furniture sets that are appropriate for a slightly older age group.

Girls' furniture sets

Bedroom furniture for girls is often available in pink or pale purple to appeal to the majority of girls' tastes. The young girl in your family may be old enough for themed furniture such as Disney princesses. If she is really obsessed with Disney, a canopy bed with princesses printed on the outside is sure to please. On the more practical side, why not buy a set with extra drawers in the bed base and a wardrobe to provide maximum storage. A desk could be a welcome addition for older girls.

Boys' furniture sets

Furniture specifically designed for boys' bedrooms are often in blue or green, but you are sure to find ranges in more neutral colours too. For something quirky try a lime green set. Furniture based on a theme might include a bed shaped like a car with car motifs on the wardrobe or a pirate ship bed with a treasure chest to keep toys in. A table and chairs is a great idea for boys' bedrooms to provide a place where they can play with friends. These can also be found to fit in with themes or favourite characters such as Spider-Man .

Furniture sets for boys and girls

If your child prefers a more neutral style for their bedroom, opt for pieces made from wood laminated in white, beige or black. Wood effect furniture is a great way to create a simple look. A neutral set furniture can make a child's room seem a bit less busy, and allow the focus to be on their toys and games, which are sure to be enough to liven it up. If you opt for a neutral set, an accent mat featuring your child's favourite characters is another way to add more detail.