Children's Bunk Beds

Childrens Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are two single bed frames stacked and secured one on top of the other. A ladder is used to climb into the top bunk, which normally has a rail to prevent the risk of falling out. Bunk beds have a flat, often slatted base for the mattress to sit on and do not require box springs. For two children sharing a room, bunk beds are a great way of providing adequate sleeping space whilst optimising floor space.

Types of Bunk Beds

A bunk bed with two mattresses of the same size is one of the most common options. A twin over full bunk bed is suitable for three children and can feature a full-size double bottom mattress and a twin-size top one. You can also purchase full over full bunk beds, which have a full size double mattress on the top and the bottom and could sleep four.


Bunk beds can be made from metal, wood or chipboard, each offering a range of designs and features. Wooden or chip board bunk beds tend to be sturdy with thicker ladder struts and might be considered a better choice for younger children.

Shelves and Drawers

Some bunk beds are available with basic storage options. Storage shelves on each bunk are perfect for those who read before going to sleep and want somewhere to put teddies or valuables. Drawers that fit under the bottom bunk are perfect for storing toys and games to keep the floor space tidy. Some bunk beds even have steps instead of ladders with drawers built into the steps.

Other Features

High sleeper bunk beds have a top bunk only and are designed to fit over a standard single bed to add space for a second child. Tent curtains can be purchased separately, which encompass the lower bunk to provide privacy.