Children's Furniture & Home Supplies

Childrens Home and Furniture

The range of childrens home and furniture includes everything from beds and duvet covers to sofas, bedroom accessories and dining essentials. Some items are specifically designed for very young infants, while others are tailored to a slightly older audience.

Childrens homeware typically has a theme and may feature popular characters such as Thomas the Tank Engine, My Little Pony, Pokémon, Batman and Toy Story.

Childrens bedrooms

Within the childrens bedroom range, youll find a host of single and cot beds made from various materials including metal and solid wood. Designs vary with a number of the single and cabin beds featuring under bed storage solutions including drawers, cupboards and shelving. High sleeper beds are also convenient space savers ideal for smaller rooms. These often have room underneath for a sofa bed, wardrobe or a fully functioning desk area.

Other childrens bedroom accessories include duvet and pillow sets, many of which are decorated with popular characters from well known films and cartoons. Matching rugs, curtains, beanbags, lampshades, sleeping bags and storage boxes are available in certain ranges.

Childrens bathroom

Bathroom accessories for children are both practical and fun, helping little ones to carry out basic everyday tasks such as washing, toilet training and cleaning their teeth. From stepping stools and cushioned toilet seat covers to hooded baby towels and washcloths, the selection of bathroom products is extensive. Matching sets are also available.

Items may be branded with well-known cartoon or film characters or feature other child friendly patterns. Popular colours include pink, blue, yellow and an array of pastel shades.

Childrens dining and kitchen

Practical accessories to help little ones enjoy meal time are included in the range of childrens dining and kitchen supplies. Sippy cups are often leak free and allow children to pick and choose when they want a drink. Aluminium water bottles on the other hand are strong, durable and ideal for school bags. Starter cutlery sets make for great gifts and youll also find an array of complete dining sets which typically include a bowl, plate and a cup.

Childrens playroom

Furniture designed for childrens playrooms comes in many different designs with everything from futons to inflatable sofas allowing for maximum choice. Wooden table and chair sets are strong, sturdy and ideal for snacktime or crafting activities whereas foldaway furniture is an option if youre looking to save space.

There are also many lighting options from themed night lights which provide a small glow in the dark to wall lights of various shapes and sizes. Lava lamps and fibre optic light displays offer alternative lighting solutions.