Reduce your Environmental Footprint with the Cisco 2960

To reduce power consumption, while using less hardware to gain the same level of performance, select a Cisco 2960 switch. Options from eBay improve cooling efficiency, while enabling the introduction of other energy-saving measures in your office. The Cisco 2960 lets you use less ventilation in computer rooms. while improving resource utilisation rates.

Does the Cisco 2960 offer any scalable management features?

Small and large businesses will find that the Cisco 2960 is simple to set up. You can upgrade and troubleshoot the system with ease by using the Cisco Catalyst Smart Operations feture and Cisco Network Assistant. Each switch uses FlexStack-Plus technology, so they can be stacked with a maximum of 8 members. Each Cisco 2960 offers a stacking capacity of up to 80 billions of bits per second, leading to high scalability for your business.

Does the Cisco 2960 support segmentation?

The Cisco 2960 is designed to protect your business. It lets you segment your network, so that critical business assets are safeguarded. It avoids complex traditional approaches by utilising software-defined Cisco TrustSec segmentation, which is easier to set up in your company than VLAN-based segmentation. Security groups can be used to define policy, while it is supported by various platforms. Each Cisco 2960 switch offers the following security features:

  • Manage TrustSec security tags for the group via Cisco ISE.
  • Easily segment devices without the need for any costly network redesigns.
  • Consistently enforce policies across your network without any time-consuming processes.
Are all Cisco 2960 switches compatible?

All Cisco 2960 switches work well with each other. They all let your business prioritise voice traffic or the exchange of data, so that the pace of information delivery is always aligned with your requirements for your business at a particular point. All the switches allow mixed stacking with Cisco Catalyst 2960-S, or 2960-SF switches that may already be a part of your system, and that preserves customer investment. Customers may grow any access network, by adding a new Cisco 2960-X switch to a Cisco Catalyst 2960-S or 2960-SF stack. This increases the dependability of the system, while enhancing rapid recovery from any problems that they encounter on a daily basis. Any client who uses these plug-and-play switches can easily add redundant power supply, thereby increasing the reliability of their network.

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