Clear Plastic Bags

Clear plastic bags

Whether youre cooking up a storm in the kitchen, looking to store some special items or want to keep your sandwiches perfectly fresh, clear plastic food bags are incredibly versatile. Here on eBay, you can find a wide selection of clear plastic bags to help you stay organised. 

Clear plastic food bags

Perfect for pack lunches or batch cooking, clear plastic food bags have been the trusty choice in food storage for generations. Available in a vast array of sizes, from small sandwich bags around 125x175mm in size to particularly large ones capable of containing family sized dishes ready for the freezer, clear plastic food bags are ideal for the hygienic storage of all sorts of food. They also come in a variety of closings, including zip-lock, push close and cable tie, depending on what it is youre looking to store. Made from 100% virgin polyethylene they are safe even for storing baby food. 

Clear plastic clothing bags

A favourite of market traders and online sellers alike, clear clothing bags are specially designed to allow items such as t-shirts and tops to be sent through the post without the risk of water damage. Rectangular in shape, items are simply folded up and inserted flat into the bag which is then sealed with a peel-and-seal style closure. Often called "apparel bags" the other beauty of these is that they help keep the item of clothing flat so it doesnt reach the recipient in a ruffled, creased condition. 

Clear plastic jewellery display bags

Ideal for professional jewellers or anyone who loves arts and crafts, clear plastic jewellery display bags are an essential piece of kit. Designed to store rings and other small pieces of jewellery, as well as beads, buttons and other essentials that would otherwise likely get lost, the clear plastic means you can easily see whats inside.