Cocker Spaniel Collectables

Cocker Spaniel Collectables

Adorable cocker spaniel collectables will melt the heart of any dog lover. Whether you are looking for a gift or adding to a collection, a piece adorned with the image of a cocker spaniel is a popular choice.

Cocker spaniels with their large dark eyes and long fluffy ears have always been hard to resist. These well loved dogs have long been the inspiration for painters, potters and other craftsmen and this means paintings, prints, ornaments and novelty items in their image are plentiful.

There is a lot of choice to give a cocker spaniel lover as a birthday or Christmas gift, or even for a dog club or show organiser to giveaway as a prize. You can choose from mugs or glasses bearing an image of a cocker spaniel or pick from the wide variety of ornaments and figurines, including stunning bronzes made by companies such as Royal Doulton, or ceramics by Beswick. You could also choose a more modern adorable Little Paws cocker spaniel, which can have a name engraved onto it to make a special personalised gift.

Cocker spaniels can also be the theme for your interior decor, with many items available to style your home. You could choose plush scatter cushions, illustrated with a cute cocker spaniel face, coasters depicting the dog, or an attractive glass bowl for a table top or fireplace.

Paintings and prints for your walls often depict a cocker spaniel at work as a hunting dog, or at rest or play. Illustrations dating back to the early 20th century can be found as well as modern depictions by contemporary artists.

Keep a cocker spaniel close to your heart with jewellery such as necklaces and pendants, or charms for a charm bracelet. A dog-loving child will be delighted with a cuddly plush toy.

Novelty items include cocker spaniel signs , fridge magnets, key rings, car stickers and wrapping paper.