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Cokin Lens Filters

Cokin Lens Filters

Taking photography to a whole new level, Cokin lens filters offer either subtle or radical changes when applied to your camera lens . Available in neutral density, graduated, polarising, special effect, and coloured styles, theres a Cokin lens filter to suit your image needs.

Cokin lens filters come in at all ranges of the price spectrum, depending on your particular requirements. A Cokin filter holder is also required for use of these items with your camera.

Items available in Cokin lens filters

Whether you want to lengthen your shutter speed and widen aperture to capture darker images and fluid movement, or add colour and effects to your photographs, Cokin lens filters offer an extensive range of products to assist in stunning photography.

The Cokin Z series Nuances Lightcatcher filter is a mineral glass filter for photo and video cameras, and offers a 10 stop reduction in exposure, reduction in shutter speed, allowing for darker image capture. Cokin Nuances filters are constructed from tempered Schott B270 glass, and have a thickness of 2.3mm.

The nano-metallic film coating on each side of the filter helps to diminish infrared light and preserve colour definition. Cokin filters also feature multi-layered coatings to reduce reflections and increase image clarity.

Cokin A creative filters are available in packs of 8, with each filter offering a different effect or colour. Filters in this pack include yellow, orange, blue, warm, ultra-warm, soft focus foreground and background, gradual blue, and gradual grey.

The Cokin Special Effects filters offer a range of beautiful effects to enhance your pictures. These filters offer exciting effects for your images, and come with plastic filter holders, a 46mm lens adapter, and an instruction manual.

Cokin filters offer high quality image effects for amateur and professional photographers alike, with no need for expensive imaging software. This trusted name in special effects filters has an extensive range of filters, from the standard range of warm tones and grey fades, to the top of the range Cokin X-Pro kits.