Collectable Contemporary Fabric & Textile (1980-Now)

Collectable Contemporary Fabric Textile 1980 Now

From a ditsy cotton, to a thick wool tweed, patterned fabrics are highly collectable. Contemporary fabric and textiles (1980-now) are popular thanks to their availability, affordability and versatility. Available in many different designs, finishes and lengths, they can be used for various different textile projects or added to the fabric stash!


Versatile and available in an endless number of different designs, contemporary cotton fabric can be used in all kinds of different textile projects, from curtains and cushions, to shopping totes and dressmaking. Cotton is easy to work with, so its an ideal first fabric for new sewers. Its also easy to care for, it washes well and is easy to iron. Cotton blends (including polycotton) are often cheaper than pure cotton.


Contemporary linen fabric (1980-now) is strong and durable, so its popular with dressmakers. Its also used a lot for home furnishings. Cotton-linen blend fabric is a bit softer than pure linen and usually cheaper, so its a happy medium between two textiles. Sewing with linen is fairly straightforward, but careful attention must be paid to seams, as the fabric can fray.


Luxurious and extremely hard wearing (despite its delicate appearance), collectable contemporary silk fabric and textiles can take the form of anything from a full dressmaking fabric roll, to a decorative wall hanging, to an intricate framed silk picture. Silk is soft, lightweight and takes colour well, so it can be dyed in virtually any shade.


From tweed to tartan and from flannel to felt there are many different collectable contemporary wool fabrics around. Wool is a popular fabric for suits and can be plain, checked, patterned or textured. Wool is warm and comfortable and wrinkle resistant and because its so easy to work with (and can be dyed any colour) its often found used in tapestries and wall hangings.


Delicate, lightweight and transparent, lace is often used for womens underwear, wedding dresses and other garments to create a feminine look. Collectable contemporary lace fabric and textiles (1980-now) can be used in soft furnishings such as tablecloths and curtains too.