Antique Mantel & Carriage Clocks

Antique mantel carriage clocks for traditional style

Add a truly retro touch to your home with an antique mantel carriage clock. Available from a range of different eras, in different designs and made from different materials, theres sure to be something to place on your mantelpiece. 

Antique mantel clock

Youll find a range of highly styled antique mantel clocks to sit atop your mantelpiece, adding retro charm to your living room. Intricately styled models are ideal for adding to an antique-focused interior, whilst more subtle clocks work as an understated accessory. 

Metal models add a touch of shine, whilst wooden mantel clocks pair well with traditional wooden furniture. 

Search for iconic French mantel clocks with elegant curves, sleek angles and premium materials. Something gilded with gold coloured metal and inlaid with enamel is sure to catch the eye. 

Or choose a simple wooden mantel clock with a bold face for something to stand out. Youll find those with gold-tone dials or those with mint green outer edges and sleek hands. 

An Art Deco style squared mantel clock sits gently atop your mantelpiece, adding metallic shine to the room. The double stacked base and matching case creates a robust feel whilst the simple and elegant dial is highly stylish. 

Antique carriage clocks

Designed to hang or be held, antique carriage clocks typically feature a handle to the top. A classic French drum carriage clock is timeless in design. The circular case with a matching handle is truly understated with a subtle watch face to boot. 

You can also find more intricately designed carriage clocks. Go for something in a classic squared design with a gold-tone finish. Or get something to draw the eye with glass side and back panels, showing off the interior workings. Choose an antique clock with an alarm feature for added practicality.