Collectable Doctor Who Ornaments & Plates

Collectable Doctor Who Ornaments and Plates

Doctor Who, the TV show, has been running on and off for over 50 years and is still very popular with the young and old. Because the show has so much history, there is a large range of different collectable Doctor Who ornaments and plates available.

Many Doctor Who fans will have a favourite Doctor, a favourite assistant from the show, or a favourite enemy of the Doctor. For older viewers, this might be the Daleks or the Cybermen, and for more recent ones, this might be the Weeping Angels.

Collectable Doctor Who ornaments

Collectable Doctor Who ornaments come in a variety of different types. They might be china or plastic figurines, action figures , mugs or cups, or other decorative objects.

For many of the characters featured in Doctor Who over the years, there will be something collectable available. And for some of the more famous characters, there will be a lot of options when it comes to collectable ornaments and figurines.

As well as the TV shows characters, Doctor Whos Tardis is also available as various collectable ornaments.

Collectable Doctor Who plates

Collectable Doctor Who plates may cover a particular Doctor or other character in the show. As with collectable ornaments, the Tardis is a popular option for people buying Doctor Who themed plates.

Condition and collectability

As with all collectables, the condition of the object will be very important to the people buying it. If the ornament or plate has scratches or is chipped, it will probably lose some of its value.

Some collectable Doctor Who ornaments and plates will be limited editions. These can be more difficult to find than standard items.

If a collectable Doctor Who ornament and plate is boxed or in a display set, it will keep its value, or increase in value if its sold in its original state.