Collectable Fabric & Textiles

Collectable Fabric Textiles

Looking for the perfect piece of fabric for your new crafting project? Whether you are looking to dress up a boring looking cushion, create a new set of curtains, or even make yourself a new item of clothing, youll find just what youre looking for with a wide range of collectable fabric textiles to suit any and all projects that you may be working on.

Shop by type

There are many different types of fabric textiles available so you can choose which type you like best. If your project requires something with a vintage flair, there are vintage fabrics . If you are working on items of furniture, there are fabrics that are specific to interiors. Or, if you are trying to spice up your wardrobe with a unique homemade piece, there are also clothing fabrics available.


Fabric textiles are extremely versatile and come in many different types of material. The most popular material for textiles is usually cotton, but other materials can include linen, lace, polyester, leather, wool, and silk so you can choose whichever material is the best fit for your needs.

Colours and Patterns

Whether you are looking for a simple textile, or one with a unique flair, there are thousands of textiles to choose from to make sure that you can find one that you love. Textiles come in a wide array of different colours ranging from monochrome, to bold colours, and bright fluorescents.

Looking for a specific pattern? No problem! There are thousands of unique patterns to choose from including spots and stripes, bold geometrics, florals, or even animal print.

Length / Amount

The length or amount of textile available varies from piece to piece. Many textiles can be bought in both small or large quantities and are often sold by the metre so you can make sure that you have the right amount.