Collectable Plastic Food Containers

Collectable Tupperware

Established in 1948, Tupperware is a homeware company that shot to fame in the 1950s and 1960s thanks to its revolutionary plastic containers and the popularity of Tupperware parties. Its really easy to buy new Tupperware because its still being manufactured today, but collectable Tupperware, such as vintage nesting bowls and jelly moulds from the companys early years, are highly sought after.

Collectable Tupperware pitchers and jugs

Vintage pitchers and jugs are considered to be some of the most collectable Tupperware. The most commonly found collectable Tupperware pitchers are cream or beige, although rarer retro colours (including orange and green) can also be found. With an airtight vacuum seal for long lasting freshness, the pitchers keep cold liquid cold and hot liquid hot for longer. Other types of jugs, such as plastic jug and beaker sets are also popular.

Collectable Tupperware bowls

Sealable, stackable, versatile and exceptionally durable, collectable Tupperware bowls are a practical and stylish addition to the kitchen. With lids that are airtight and watertight, Seal-N-Serve remains a popular range of collectable Tupperware bowls. Others include complete sets of nesting bowls, larger mixing bowls and storage bowls with the now iconic Tupperware fan lid.

Collectable Tupperware storage containers

Tupperware storage containers cover just about every occasion. Cereal containers with plastic hinged lids, large multi-purpose Tupperware collections, huge plastic tubs to store baking supplies and cakes, collectable Tupperware storage containers come in all shapes and sizes and can be used in lots of different ways.

Collectable Tupperware kitchen tools

In order to accommodate those who had acquired every plastic kitchen container they could ever wish for, Tupperware developed a line of kitchen tools , which were hugely popular at Tupperware parties. Collectable Tupperware kitchen tools, including lemon squeezers, orange peelers, rolling pins and plastic spoons are just as popular (and just as vibrant) as jugs, bowls and containers.