Collectable Jelly Moulds

Collectable Jelly Moulds

Collectable jelly moulds are a simple way to make your desserts decorative and impressive. Decorative jelly moulds have been in fashion for many years, with some being up to a century old. These days jelly moulds come in several different materials and shapes which are sure to please collectors and jelly eaters alike.

What are they made of?

Older jelly moulds are made of copper, glass or china. The copper jelly moulds look particularly good when hung on your kitchen wall, so dont hide them away in a cupboard. Modern jelly moulds are usually made from sturdy plastic.

Jelly mould shapes

Glass and china jelly moulds can be traditional embellished round shapes with ornamental features such as ridges, small domes, or sandcastle shaped designs. Many have whimsical designs such as fruit shapes or animals, with the rabbit shaped jelly mould being especially popular.

Seasonal jelly moulds

With Halloween having increased in popularity, many ghoulish and macabre jelly mould designs are available. These are usually hard plastic moulds and can come in the shape of body organs such as hearts or brains. They look particularly effective when made with authentic looking colours such as red or purple jelly.

Other uses for collectable jelly moulds

As well as the decorative aspect, which makes jelly moulds fun to display, they can be used for other food related purposes. Smaller jelly moulds can be filled with ice and frozen to make decorative ice sculptures. Jelly moulds can also be used for milk based desserts such as blancmange or crème caramel.


Whether they are made from plastic, china, glass or ceramic china, your jelly mould will be able to withstand the heat of hot jelly mixture as it is poured in. However, it is not advisable to use jelly moulds as ovenware as this could damage the mould and your oven. Jelly moulds are suitable for refrigeration, but check its suitability before putting it in your dishwasher.