Antique Lamps

Antique lamps for vintage charm

The perfect way to add a small touch of vintage charm to any room, antique lamps are ever-popular and work with any style of interior. Youll find a range of genuine lamps from different time periods, like Victorian and Edwardian models, alongside quality reproductions. 

20th century antique lamps

20th century antique lamps work well with modern homes. These lamps may be retro, but theyre similar to contemporary designs as theyre from the last 100 years. 

A Herbert Terry and Sons Anglepoise desk map is instantly recognisable. Its tall stance and adjustable angle make it perfect for desk use, whilst the thin, subtle design works well with any type of interior. 

For something to hang off your walls, go for a set of Art Deco enamel wall lamps. Each unit features two lamps with a gold stem and red lampshade. The stems are held by a metal clasp, creating a tied-together effect similar to a bunch of flowers. 

Victorian antique lamps

Victorian antique lamps add an instant touch of retro style to any room. Their bold designs are instantly recognisable as vintage pieces and can be used to stand out against a contemporary interior. 

A cranberry front gilded oil lamp with a metal base works well as a centrepiece for any collectors cabinet. The base depicts a nymph holding up the top half of this oil lamp, with a cranberry colour oil holder and floral-shaped flame section. 

Edwardian antique lamps

An Edwardian antique lamp is another classic style. Choose a uranium glass lamp shade for something with a bright touch of luminous colour. An etched detail to the top section sparkles in the light whilst the ridged bottom half of this lampshade is intricately designed. 

Perfect for your home office, an Edwardian desk lamp is truly eye-catching in design. A weighted base keeps this lamp secure whilst detailed floral touches throughout add a beautiful touch of style.