• Body Loading & Productions. Eddie Joseph. Supreme Magic Publication. 1950.

    The Art of Body-Loading & Productions By Eddie Joseph. A "Supreme Magic" Publication. Circa 1950. Supreme Magic Bideford Devon. The front glued cover has come away. Rest of book still tight and intact. Stains to top left cover.
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  • Magic Strong Magnetic Ring Magnet Coin Finger Magician Props 18mm PK

    Material:Magnet Color: Sliver Size: An inner diameter of 18mm Can be use in numerous magic tricks,you can create your own magic Brand Unbranded MPN Does not apply EAN 4894462478134 UPC 4894462478134 UPC 4894462478134 EAN 4894462478134.
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  • Magic Trick Fred Lowe's (Gold) SUPER CHAIN {FREDLO Developments} looks gorgeous

    For those of you who are already knowledgeable in performing the 'Endless Chain' race-course swindle. you have here an absolute GEM of an alternative presentation that is EASY to learn & work; you won't be 'caught out' either!
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  • Morris Costumes Handcrafted Ultra Coin Bank. LC81

    Handcrafted in brass with a built-in rattle. Allows spectator to hear the rattle until the second it disappears. Use with a close-up tricks ever made. Make sure you include the correct invoice number.
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  • Fun Awesome Magic Pack Toy - Magic Magician Tricks Set Wand Cards Gift Game

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  • BOTTLE THROUGH TABLE/BODY close up magic trick

    The magician borrows any glass beer/wine/soda bottle then wraps it in newspaper/napkins. The bottle is tapped in the centre of the table to prove both the table and bottle are solid. The audience are invited to do the same.
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  • DMC Elites: Rouge - Greatest Marked Deck in a Generation Sovereign Playing Cards

    Featuring the incredible, unique, Optical Marking system, the newDMC ELITES: ROUGE Marked Deck is the fifth signature deck produced by Sovereign Playing Cards for elite British magician Drummond Money-Coutts.
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  • 10 ft Nitinol NiTi SMA muscle wire 1mm uncut 40C Body Temp Shape Memory Alloy

    People sometimes get the wrong one (the more common "fishing line" type which resists changing its shape (kink-free wire)). It is 1mm thick, a whole 4 times thicker than the typical 'body temp' 0.25mm wire you'll find elsewhere - neat to look at, but fragile and useless to do work.
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  • GRANTS Keg Of Plenty magic trick collectable vintage

    U.F. Grant keg of plenty. This comes with a hand-carved Italian bottle stopper and a custom made gold tone cradle. Now the pouring spout is punched through the paper and the head tilted back. The keg is tipped and whatever liquid you want is poured out the mouth which fills a small glass.
    EUR 210.65
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  • Morris Costumes Vernet Finger Tip. LA10

    Vernet finger tip is of smaller capacity than the thumb tip. Toll Free Phone: 1-866-847-8678. Because of our speedy order processing, it is not possible to modify or cancel confirmed orders. Make sure you include the correct invoice number.
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    When Yigal Mesika's groundbreaking Tarantula was first introduced, magicians called it "the most incredible levitation device of all time !". Now, after seven years of re-engineering and refinements, it's back.and better than ever.
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    From United Kingdom
  • CONNOISSEUR MAGICIANS' DIY Instructions Set No 6 Max Andrews (Vampire Ltd.) etc

    Original Instructions ONLY for OUT TO LUNCH (Max Andrews [Vampire] Ltd.) From the 1950s comes this old, old publicity giveaway idea. The answer to this traditional mystery is eventually shown, on the signed card, as to where the Indian boy actually went to!
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  • 13 (Thirteen) Steps To Mentalism by Corinda Superb Mentalism Hardback Book!

    America, his friends persuaded him to write a book and with the support of nearly every professional Mentalist in the world, Corinda set out to compile The Thirteen Steps to Mentalism. 13 Steps to Mentalism – Classic Rare Book!
    EUR 28.01
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  • Morris Costumes Magic Rod Clear. LA07CL

    A plastic rod with gems is shown to a spectator. He selects a number from 1 to 6 and PRESTO all the gems have changed to the color he selected. Because of our speedy order processing, it is not possible to modify or cancel confirmed orders.
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  • die box magic trick custom made

    Nice s l with it. light and is great for performing or as a collectible.
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  • Become A Legend With Cards DVD Magician Trick Magic Tricks Amaze Disappear Deck

    Deception Card. Become A Legend With Cards DVD. After watching this DVD, you too, can become a Legend with Cards. presents Legend with Cards, featuring Kris Nevling. Magic Makers, Inc. The Magic Control.
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  • Penn and Teller Magic Set

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  • Loops New Generation by Yigal Mesika ! More Loops (8 in each pack) Same Price!

    Invented by the genius Finn Jon, perfected and popularized by Yigal Mesika. Loops is the most versatile, practical, and powerful invention in the history of magic. This wonder utility is strong enough to move heavy objects like silverware and sunglasses.
    EUR 7.13
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  • New listingWilliamsons Wonders rare magic book by david williamson

    Take the Card to Pocket plot. His “Fifty-one Cards to Pocket” is a modern twist, in which you cause every card EXCEPT a selected one to jump into your pocket. It’s simple yet ingenious. Ask ANYBODY for his or her favorite magic books, and this one will be near the top.
    EUR 67.35
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  • Appearing Bamboo Pole - 8 Feet - Magic Tricks

    Appearing Bamboo Pole. Casually reach into your pocket or hat, and pull out a JUMBO Bamboo Pole! This is Quick & Visual Magic!
    EUR 24.03
    From United States
  • Rare Brass Shamrock Cup by Chazpro Super Coin MagicTrick

    Rare Brass Shamrock Cup by Chazpro Magic. This item is a creative and novel variation on the coin cup. The cup allows the performer to dump out 1, 2, 3 or four coins, depending on how the cup is turned over.
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  • Folding Coin 10p / Magic Trick Coin in the Bottle 10 pence Close up Dynamo Magic

    With 5 Bands Free! Center Fold Cut! David Blaine Magic!
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  • Deluxe MONEY MAKER -- nicely made in wood with metal knobs -- LOOK TMGS

    Share the magic! This prop is really great looking, and adds an air of credence to the effect that has otherwise been relegated to the plastic toy magic category. It is truly a beautiful illusion to see the blank paper go in as the real bill emerges!
    EUR 24.93
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  • Fruit Salad (El Duco, 2001) -- dangerous Russian Roulette mentalism TMGS

    Share the magic! (It does come with a real steak knife that is truly sharp, so be careful, but at least you do not need to worry about an electronic glitch. You say that each covers a prize. Each bag is numbered, 1 through 5. ).
    EUR 25.79
    From United States
  • Sponge Viagra (4.5in /2pk) by Alan Wong - Trick - Magic Tricks

    Caution: These jumbo size sponge Viagra look alike giant pills will cause your audience to laugh in tears or leave them in shock! Come with two sponge Viagra look alike vitamin pills and no instructions.
    EUR 13.33
    From United States