Collectable Pill & Trinket Boxes

We all have those special items that need a safe home, yet need to be close at hand. A collectable trinket box or pill box is the perfect way to store these treasures, in an attractive and accessible way.

Pill boxes are traditionally used for storing medication, but due to the many beautiful ornate versions available, are often collected. Collectable pill boxes and trinket boxes make perfect presents for people of all ages. They are a lovely thing to collect, as they come in so many shapes sizes and finishes. Because they are relatively small, they are easy to store, either in a cupboard or proudly on display.

Pill boxes and trinket boxes are available in many different materials

There are pill boxes made of fine china , porcelain, silver , gold, brass, wood and even papier mache. Look for trinket boxes with hand painted designs, gold gilding and enamel detailing for a special gift. There are often vintage pill boxes with inlaid mother of pearl, or even marquetry. Whatever finish you are looking for, there is bound to be a pillbox of trinket box to suit you.

Because they are small and come in a wide variety of styles, pill boxes are a great item to collect. Of course you can store pills in them, but they are also the right size for other small precious items, keeping them close to hand and protected from dust and sunlight.

As well as the traditional circles or rectangular pill boxes, you may find other more unusual versions, such as frogs or even camels. Heart shaped or egg shaped pill boxes are very popular, adding a pretty touch to a nightstand or dressing table.

There are pill and trinket boxes available in all shapes, sizes and materials, so there is sure to be one that suits your taste, or that of a friend or family member.