Collectable Russian and Soviet Memorabilia

The Soviet occupation of Russia is one of the interesting periods in history that people enjoy learning about. There are all kinds of collectable Russian and Soviet memorabilia from that time to tempt real enthusiasts and keen collectors. As all historical pieces become harder to obtain as time goes by, take the opportunity to snap up rare items to update your collection and avoid the disappointment of missing out on a rare item.


Soviet badges with the red star, hammer and sickle were worn by members of the Soviet army. These Russian badges are made of metal and are between 4cm and 5cm in size. Vintage pins can sometimes be found, though newly made reproductions are more commonly available. Check for any damage before purchasing as metal can degrade over time. Lay out your collection on one or more velvet cushions and arrange in a display cabinet for all to see.

Propaganda posters

Propaganda was rife and posters depicting Soviet images are both striking and very representative of the time. The quality of genuine posters ranges from some light creasing to fraying folds and other damage. As with many rare historical items, these posters are becoming less widely available, not least because paper degrades more quickly than other materials. If you are lucky enough to find one, store it carefully to prevent further damage.


Vintage communist flags are made from pure silk and coloured in the bright red hue of the Soviet party. There really is no better item to encapsulate the sentiments of the time. Often depicting Marx and Lenin in a prominent position, these flags are a must for any Soviet enthusiast. On the reverse they often have communist slogans such as 'Hail USSR'. Keep your flags hung up to avoid creasing as silk marks very easily. Should they need washing, it's not a good idea to iron a piece of vintage fabric without seeking professional advice.