Collectable Sugar Bowls

Collectable Sugar Bowls

Both practical and highly decorative, elegant collectable sugar bowls can be used for teatime service or for purely for display.

Different types of collectable sugar bowls

Heavy cut glass crystal and standard clear glass are a popular choice for stylish collectable sugar bowls. Many vintage designs feature shaped or coloured glass, with integrated spring sugar tongs. For retro glamour, choose a decorative glass sugar bowl with metal rim and carry handle.

Ceramic collectable sugar bowls range from highly glazed European pieces to elegantly handled sugar bowl pots with lids. Many colourful retro pottery styles boast a replica design of the popular camper van.

The streamlined sleek and simple design of the stainless steel sugar bow l is a popular retro choice for collectable sugar bowls from the 60s and 70s.

Many styles of collectable sugar bowls were made from polished silver and silver plate. Typical styles include the pedestal sugar bowl with blue glass lining and the curvy sugar bowl with handles and matching milk jug.

Decorative collectable sugar bowls made from delicate fine porcelain bone china are a classic vintage choice. The elegant sugar bowl collection includes open basin style bowls, with gilded scalloped rim, and painted floral embellishments and dainty sugar bowls, with a hand painted rim border design.

Collectable sugar bowl themes for your collection

Collectable sugar bowls make a great addition to a modern kitchenware collection. The stylish vintage and retro style sugar bowls can be reserved for display only, or used when serving tea to your guests. Choose a distinctive and unusual novelty piece, or an elegant centerpiece sugar bowl for everyday use.

Elaborate ornamental collectable sugar bowls are ideal for cabinet or shelf display. Choose a decorative vintage swan, with a ripple effect glass sugar bowl base and brass plated moving wings, neck and head.