Collectable Serving Trays

Collectable Serving Trays

Practical and functional vintage and retro collectable serving trays provide a stylish alternative tableware option. Display and show off the trays whilst simultaneously serving your guests.

Different types of collectable serving trays

Wood collectable serving trays traditionally are rectangle or oval in shape. Many styles have a raised edge and side carry handles, ensuring they can be easily carried and minimising spillages. Decorative trays feature delicate and elaborate wood inlay details with floral and scroll designs. Fish shaped serving platters are another popular design. The body of the fish is made from wood and the tail and head from silver plated metal.

Durable stainless steel is a classic retro option for collectable serving trays . Many popular designs feature wooden side handles. Some serving trays boast a variety of sections so that a number of snacks can be served at the same time.

Many vintage and retro plastic collectable serving trays feature elaborate designs and vibrant floral patterns and colours. Plastic serving trays are available in a wide selection of sizes, shapes and styles.

Decorative features of collectable serving trays

Glass is typically used as a top insert layer of a serving tray. Many tray styles that feature an inlay tapestry or painted panel have a glass top.

Round brass serving trays have a functional appearance. Brass is mainly used as a decorative embellishment on other types of trays. It is often used for the edging and handles.

Displaying collectable serving trays

Elegant vintage and retro style collectable serving trays are stylish tableware accessories that can create a centrepiece display. The style of collectable serving tray often dictates its use. Consider using a decorative side handle tray to serve drinks and snacks to your guests.

Collectable serving trays make a visual impact when placed on a coffee table . It can be used to display decorative ornaments and figures. Consider the trays design and style and enhance its attraction by displaying it to full effect.