Collectable Zippo Lighters

Collectible Zippo lighters to fuel your collection

One of the most instantly recognisable models available, collectible Zippo lighters are perfect for collectors cabinets and for those looking for a stylish and eye-catching lighter. From branded limited editions and those made to commemorate sporting matches like the World Cup to vintage Zippos, theres something for everyone here on eBay. 

Personalisable Zippo lighters

The perfect gift for a collector or someone looking for a stylish yet functional accessory, a personalised Zippo lighter lets you add a personal touch to this classic design. Choose your colour lighter, from silver and gold to a bold iridescent tone, then choose the custom inscription that adorns the front. 

Car brand Zippo lighters

Made to commemorate the classic American car brand, an automotive collectible Zippo lighter features Fords iconic blue tone and logo to the front. This windproof model features a metal grip design to the front and comes in a gift box, perfect for giving to your loved one. 

Celebrate yet another American vehicle company with a Harley Davidson Zippo lighter, the perfect piece of portable Americana. The black matte lighter sets the scene for a striking metallic eagle design with a Harley Davidson Motor Cycles logo at the bottom. 

Retro collectable Zippo lighters

Older, more sought after Zippo lighters are a colletors dream but may come with a larger price tag. A 1987 Royal Navy HMS Penelope Zippo lighter commemorates those aboard the naval ship, with a name etched on the back. This piece of history also features the Penelopes crest engraved to the front, making for the ideal military Zippo lighter

A collectable Zippo from the France 1998 World Cup comes in a wooden presentation box with a France 98 logo on the top. A Collectors Edition engraving at the top marks this piece as a sought after lighter, whilst the gold world cup detail to the bottom stands out against the chrome design.