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Chipboard Flooring for Economical and Moisture-Resistant Flooring Solutions

The chipboard flooring options in this eBay collection could be the exact solutions you need when youre looking for the right way to cover your floors at home or in a commercial space. You can find the flooring products that you need when shopping on eBay at affordable prices. Here are some examples of the questions you should ask as you pick out the right flooring for your needs.

What types of chipboard flooring are there?

The chipboard flooring in this collection is all similar in terms of construction. Chipboard flooring is created when wood chips are combined with glue and compressed under immense pressure. The way that the various options in this collection vary is regarding thickness. A few of the different thickness options that are offered for this type of flooring include:

  • 18 mm
  • 22 mm
  • 38 mm
Does this flooring stick together on its own?

When you purchase the chipboard flooring in this collection, you wont have to worry about buying special connective mechanisms or wood glue. Each sheet of chipboard flooring in this collection has two tongues and two grooves along its sides, and these tongues and grooves connect with the other chipboard flooring units on its perimeter. The individual chipboard planks in this collection are designed to connect without any need for additional tools. However, if you want to make sure that the planks of your chipboard floors stay together, you can always lay down a bead of wood glue on each of the tongues of your boards as you assemble your floor.

How do you pick the right flooring?

The type of flooring that is most useful for your application depends on the type of substrate that will be below your floor and the type of traffic that your floor will endure. If you arent planning to lay any sort of substrate below your chipboard flooring, you might want to opt for one of the thicker options in this collection. If you are putting padding or another type of substrate below your flooring, you might prefer a thinner type of chipboard. If there is going to be heavy traffic on your chipboard flooring day in and day out, you might prefer to pick a thicker option. This type of flooring wears out over time, and youll get more life out of your flooring if you purchase thicker boards.